Real Food for Real People

Fizzeology is committed to strengthening our local community by sourcing ingredients from small, local, organic farms.

Our mission is to raise health awareness, one gut at a time, marketing real food products in harmony with nature.

We offer simple, high quality, certified organic fermented vegetables for your enjoyment.

We passionately ferment these delicious healthful organic foods that supply energy to the body and aid natural detoxification, while educating the public as to the benefits of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods.

Our products are available in pints, quarts and gallons.

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Our Products

Made from local ingredients and available in five classic flavors, our certified organic ferments epitomize quality in the market.. 

The Woodhouse

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The Country Annex

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As a caterer specializing in locally-sourced, quality ingredients, I love working with Fizzeology’s ferments. They are delicious, with great texture and a variety of colors. We get tons of compliments on them! You can’t beat Fizzeology for consistency and quality.”

- Dani Lind, Owner 
Rooted Spoon Culinary, Viroqua WI